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About Us

This is us—trying to balance between Right and Left. But you wouldn’t believe that, would you?!

You would rather wait for some fake news source to confirm that!

Talking about fake news… we spread them in all their glory and grandeur. We take pride in spreading propaganda and taking “unholy” side with the wrong ones. But it all really depends on which political ideologue you’re close to.

The Contra Media is India’s first (and daringly enough, the ONLY) “Non-Independent” News Website. Because, not sure if you heard it already or no but, Non-Independence is the NEW Independence in the world media.

 Who Are We? 

We are a bunch of liars and political lobbyists. We’re a sell-out. We’re THIS and THAT. We are everything that you never wanted and nothing that you always wanted. And we’re also, irrelevantly, quite poetic with our pen (or keyboard in this case).

 Why Are We Here? 

We are just as clueless as you—why, really?

Perhaps because there’s a shortage of fake news websites in India? Or because the country isn’t doing Hindu-Muslim-dividing debates too much already?

 Who Are We Here For? 

“Everyone” would be clichéd. “No one” would make us feel sad! :(

Covering a range of topics on politics, society, and economy, we like to believe we’re a fit-all brand— fit for all.

However, in specific, we’re here possibly for those who prefer noise over the news, opinions over facts, and personalities over proofs. Yes, we’re here for you, you cheeky bastard.

 Why The Contra Media? 

No, not another news website—that’s a legit reaction. We’ve got that enough over the course. That said, The Contra Media has its few exclusivities.

• We’re non-independent.

• Our sass level is 97.85 percent high.

• We use the F-word openly (Which Indian news website does that?)

• We provide slow news.

• We know facts and numbers but will never talk about it. Something Indian news media don’t do already!

• We bore readers with socially important and realist topics.

• We aren’t the “change-makers” or “game-changers”. And that’s a big thing.

 Who Fund Us? 

Read our stories. If they suit your narration, it’s your people paying us. If not, it’s the other party. Damn, them fu%kers!

 Assez Sarcasme 

Let’s put our head out of our asses and talk real. Because, of course, sarcasm isn’t everyone’s forte.

The Contra Media is a digitally-driven, offbeat news website. A small fish in a big pond with a bigger commitment, we’re a passionate bunch who don’t just write and read the news but live and experience it. Covering a range of topics that affect the root of the democracy, we focus on data-driven stories, insightful assessment, and unnerving observations. (Yes, behind the guise of edginess, we’re really boring in core!)

We Are The Contra Media – For The People Who Matter, For The Stories That Matter. Because certainly not all news can fit the hashtags. But the important ones definitely should. 
The goal of modern propaganda is no longer to transform opinion but to arouse an active and mythical belief.
by Jacques Ellul
We bust such belief with facts (and fun).
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